Just What Does Eating Carbohydrates Have To Do With Obesity?

Even though people today are eating less fat it has been shown that during the past 20 years the rate of obesity has been steadily increasing.

Its the kind of carbohydrates you consume not the amount that shows up on your bathroom scale. Overweight people contrary to popular popular opinion do not eat more carbohydrates than those people of normal weight. However overweight people are more inclined to eat an excess of refined carbohydrates such as pasta and white bread resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar.

Refined carbohydrates found in processed food high in sugar results in weight gain. Other carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables does not result in excessive weight gain.

Studies involving several hundred people documenting the kind of carbohydrates they ate for one year revealed 2 significant things:

1) People with a higher BMI(body mass index) ate carbohydrates with a higher glymemic index.

20 The amount of carbohydrates people consumed had no effect on their body mass index.

People promoting you cut back on all carbohydrates you eat are missing the mark. Instead it is the kind of carbohydrates you eat not the amount that determines your risk of obesity.

more and more people today than ever are eating excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates. The consumption of excessive grain and sugar has resulted in the following:

Excess Weight


Frequent Sleepiness


Brain Fogginess


Our bodies require some carbohydrates however many of us consume too much grains, potatoes, and sweets which can result in diabetes.

The relationship between obesity and diabetes is clearly obvious. Your body's storage capacity for carbohydrates is limited. Consuming more carbohydrates than your body needs results in turning into fat and being stored in your body as fat. The additional fat increases your risk for chronic degenerative diseases.

Remember to watch what kind of carbohydrates you eat for your health.

Lynn Lyons



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