7 Simple Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off...For Life

Did you know that obesity has become a national epidemic? It is particularly true for people aged 50 to 59. Of people in this age group, 43% of the men and 52% of the women are overweight. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, obese middle aged men live an average of 5.8 fewer years than slimmer men.

Another recent study revealed that if you were born in a different country than the USA and moved here you have a high chance of becoming obese even though you may have been thin to begin with.

Results revealed 8% of immigrants living in the U. S. less than a year were considered obese in less than a year. And 19% of immigrants living here for at least 15 years were obese. Immigrants living in the US more than 15 years resulted in 38% in this group of immigrants being obese. Therefore results were conclusive that the longer immigrants lived in the USA they had a greater chance for obesity.

Clearly the American lifestyle leads you down the path to obesity in addition to
all the health problems associated with it, such as heart disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure, and cancer. The solution is to avoid some of the choices
most Americans make.


1) Drink water with every meal. A full glass of water will help you feel

2) Eat Breakfast. Going without breakfast increases your risk of obesity
by an amazing 450%.

3) Snack in the afternoon. Eating a midday snack slashes your risk of
obesity by 39%.

4) Do not snack in front of the TV. This results in excessive overeating.

5) Plan your meals. This will result in healthier food choices with a

6) Eat high protein and low glycemic foods.

7) Begin an effective exercise program.

Until we meet pounds lighter and healthier.

Lynn Lyons


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